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Samagya Hindi Daily


The Samagya Hindi Daily newspaper is the flagship project of the publication house Sarvang Prakashan. The newspaper was founded on March 26th, 2016. It is published from Kolkata, West Bengal and caters to the Hindi speaking populations in and around the region. With a robust team of veteran journalists, the newspaper is committed to excellence based on its strong values of doing honest, impartial and independent journalism. Its strong network of correspondents and agencies are spread across West Bengal, ensuring comprehensive coverage of news from every region, sector and field of interest. Its wide selection of regional, national and international news includes beats like business, entertainment, education, religion, sports and lifestyle, among others. The newspaper’s daily edition especially focuses on local news from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. On Sunday, the newspaper also includes a special edition for feature stories from the genres of art and lifestyle. In step with the growing demand for contemporary media channels, the newspaper is also published as an e-paper on its official website. The online version of the newspaper is as comprehensive as the print publication and is available to a global audience. In spite of being a new publication, Samagya Hindi Daily has gained tremendous popularity, standing out amid other Hindi newspapers published in the region. One of the biggest reasons for its success is its dynamic coverage, which has only become better over time, with newer additions being made to the edition every now and then.